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We are business and community leaders who want you to be here. Our members include Canada’s largest real estate companies backed by Canada’s biggest pension funds.

We want you to be here.

Economic Development Offices
Real Estate Companies
Business Leaders
Business Migration Specialists
Immigration Experts
Political Leaders
Technology Leaders
Community Leaders

We introduce you to the “A” players of Business, Technology, Innovation, Research, Politics and Public Service to ensure your business starts well connected in Canada.

Why Move To Canada?

Canada has a lower cost base than the US. Our currency exchange rate provides immediate advantages of almost 25% savings. Our healthcare system lowers benefits costs by as much as 90%. Each city has distinct characteristics and advantages to meet your needs. See how close you already are and Explore these options:


Only 2 hours from San Francisco. Highest Concentration of Head Offices in Canada. Lowest rent of major cities in Canada. 5th most liveable city in the world. 3rd Largest City in Canada.


The financial capital of Canada. A technology corridor between Toronto and Waterloo. Largest City in Canada. Short flights to most US cities in the Northeast


Where French and English thrive together. 2nd largest city in Canada. Affordable for a large eastern city. Health Sciences and McGill University. Short flights to most NE US destinations.


Spectacular by Nature on the West Coast. Strong Startup Ecosystem. Just north of Seattle WA, Just south of Whistler. Gateway to Asia/Pacific

What YOU Do

We just want you to come for a visit so we can show you what you are missing

Let Us Contact You

Or send us an email info@codeincanada.com